Origin Story

Our story begins in Burliyar - a lush, verdant agro-forestry plantation tucked in the Nilgiri mountains, Tamil Nadu. The plantation is home to a teeming biodiversity and a variety of spice & fruit trees. Mangosteen, Pomelo, grapefruit, pepper vines, cocoa, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and variety of timber trees populate the landscape. 

 In July, 2020 we started bringing mangosteen harvests for friends and family in Chennai. The word spread and soon we had paying customers. We started offering other produce that was growing on the plantation.   


Spice Hill stands for fresh, traceable, and sustainably grown food. Our expanding offerings include single-origin spices, pure honey, natural sweeteners and single estate teas.

We bring these to you through two modes:

1.Produce grown through simple, chemical-free farming practices at our farm in the evergreen Nilgiri mountains, Tamil Nadu. We harvest and hand-process in small batches to maintain quality.

2. Produce sourced directly from practitioners of regenerative farming and tribal groups. In the process, we are building a community of small-holder farmers who are doing amazing work on their lands.